Leicester BMW Benz Servicing

At Premier Service Leicester, not only do we pride ourselves on our first-class BMW servicing, we can save customers up to 50% on standard BMW service costs. All our technicians are BMW Certified and have over ten years experience.

Unlike other independent BMW service centres, we only ever use approved BMW service equipment and BMW genuine parts, and all our lubricants are BMW recommended, meaning your BMW warranty is always maintained.

We offer standard BMW ASSYST A Services and BMW ASSYST Plus Services, service book stamping and MOT Testing, and we are able to undertake other work on your BMW if necessary. Some work may need to be undertaken depending on the age and mileage of your BMW - this is detailed at the back of your BMW service book. Naturally, all serviced BMW are valeted, leaving your car as good as new.

If you would like further information about BMW servicing at Premier Service Leicester, please contact us.